Who should work on my car?

As grown ups we need to establish a relationship with a reputable shop or technician. This is no different than picking your General Physician or Dentist, there should be research, discussion, even an interview.

Tires – the most important safety item on your car!

I could write a book just about tires, and the reality is most people do not pay attention to them until it is an “emergency” situation. The fact is tires can be expensive – especially for good quality. Remember this; tires are all about you and your family’s safety. The last thing anyone wants is … Continue reading Tires – the most important safety item on your car!


My life is all things automotive: working, racing, and living! In one way or another I have been tinkering with cars for over 25 years. When it comes to running a shop I have “done it all” – from parts ordering, customer service, to management in both independent repair facilities and dealerships. A couple years … Continue reading Welcome!