About Me

My life is all things automotive: working, racing, and living! In one way or another I have been tinkering with cars for over 25 years – maybe longer. My dad was a mechanic and I spent a lot of time with him while he repaired on cars during weekends. He expressed that I should know how to handle emergencies and maintenance before I could drive, so in High School I enrolled in an Introduction to Automotive class designed to teach teenagers the basics of how a car worked. As it turned out I knew a lot more than I thought, my teacher was awesome and encouraging and made sure I had enough “extra” projects to keep me busy and by my senior year I was in the Auto Shop for three hours every day. I was later offered scholarships for auto mechanics and decided that working on cars was fun, but not what I wanted to do every day.

I also became involved in auto racing as a teenager, first with autocrossing (driver skill events in parking lots), and drag racing. After a few years my passion became turning corners and started road racing both in summer events and ice racing in the winter.

When it comes to running a shop I have “done it all” – from parts ordering, customer service, to management in both independent repair facilities and dealerships. A couple years ago I started my own business doing consulting and marketing for small businesses with a concentration in automotive. With that I do training for their personnel, and sometimes even work with their customers to make the facility more efficient. When I am not working, my husband and I are both racing cars or working on our “project cars.” We have taken the 2017 race season off due to my husband losing a battle with a dirt bike, so stay tuned for our next adventure!

I was given the name “Momma Duck” years ago by the guys I race with and it stuck. I guess after years of planning events for our racing organization they realized that if I quack, they follow. So for now that will be my pen name!