Why This Blog

Except when I absolutely had to in marketing classes I have never been a “Blogger” but recently I have noticed a lack of general knowledge about something we spend a lot of money on and generally depend on for our daily existence – our cars.

The love affair with the automobile started with Henry Ford making it possible for the average person to afford and maintain their very own gas guzzling machine, it was more than transportation – a symbol of status and power. I think most would agree that statement holds true today – there is a car for every taste, and every budget.

However, there is an entire generation on the road today that was never encouraged to work on their own vehicles. It all stems from fear, “It’s all computer controlled, right?” Wrong!! You still have 4 rotating wheels that link to gears that are sloshing around in various types of fluids. The computer may be able to tell you if the gas cap is loose, but it cannot tell you when the CV Boot is ripped open and that the joint is about to break and leave you stranded at the next intersection!!

Oh, and don’t get me started about the stigma that still exists about Women and cars. It angers me that Women still play dumb when taking their car in for service – the fact is more Women do their research on what their vehicles need, and actually pay attention to the noises and symptoms of their vehicle. (I have stories later I will tell about the “guys” that think they know everything.)

Knowledge is key for everything in life, I hope to impart some of my knowledge onto my readers so that whether they are standing at a service counter listening to what sounds like Charlie Browns’ teacher describing their car’s problems, or if they are on the side of the road when the nearest tow truck is 2 hours away – they will have the confidence to ask the right questions, and make the right decisions for them. I am not going to teach you how to be a “mechanic” – although I hope to inspire more Women in the industry. My goal is to educate and empower people to take control – and maybe save themselves some headaches in the long run.

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