Who should work on my car?

As grown ups we need to establish a relationship with a reputable shop or technician. This is no different than picking your General Physician or Dentist, there should be research, discussion, even an interview.

Knowing Your Car

My biggest frustration as a woman in the automotive industry is hearing other women downgrade their knowledge of cars, act dumb about them, or simply refuse to learn. My advice is to always trust your instincts, if something seems wrong it probably is. Different noises and feel can be an indication of a problem – … Continue reading Knowing Your Car


My life is all things automotive: working, racing, and living! In one way or another I have been tinkering with cars for over 25 years. When it comes to running a shop I have “done it all” – from parts ordering, customer service, to management in both independent repair facilities and dealerships. A couple years … Continue reading Welcome!